Hybrid and EV Hands-On




DiagNation Elite Training: Hybrid and EV Hands-On Immersion Week

Join us for DiagNation Elite Hybrid and EV Vehicle Immersion Training Week.
Dates: June 3rd to 7th, 2024 at Highlands College, 25 Basin Creek Road, Butte, Montana 59701.

This Elite Training Event is a full week of classroom and hands-on instruction on all systems seen in Hybrid and EV vehicles.
During your HV immersion week with us, you will learn:
• How to work with and stay safe while servicing Hybrid and EV High Voltage Vehicle Systems. Laws, safety gloves, and hands-on High Voltage PPE practice & use during the course.
• Hands-on application of diagnostics and repair (assembly, disassembly) of power splitters, Hybrid-EV transmissions, and components.
• Hands-on application of HV battery service, repair, charging and discharging, as well as power-up and power-down procedures.
• Hands-on diagnostic process and repair of power units, control module, inverter, DC-DC and DC-AC conversion, and more.
• Scanner use, hybrid module diagnosis and general to specific Hybrid and EV diagnostic approaches and strategies are covered.
• Hands-on Lab Scope diagnostics on motors, inverters, batteries and resolver circuits are covered in detail.

This immersion event is loaded with classroom and hands-on sessions throughout the entire week!
Attendees will come out of this training Hybrid and EV vehicle service-ready and enjoy the backup of DiagNation Remote Support (when needed at the shop level).
This is the most real-world, comprehensive training for shops seeking to enter the High-Voltage Hybrid and EV repair market.
This event is limited to 25 seats and is based on the hands-on attention we deliver in this awesome course.
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