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Leadership Masterclass Course (by Steve Beck)

(Six Modules Video Series with Downloadable Workbook)

This course teaches how to create a Rock-Star Team that is firing on all cylinders so that everyone on the team is engaged and takes ownership of their job for the shop’s success. It consists of Six Modules:
Module 1:
• How to Create and Maintain a Winning Leader’s Attitude
• Leadership Wheel of Life
• How to Motivate the Top 30% and the Middle 40% and what to do with the Bottom 30%
Module 2:
• Leadership Moments of Truth-There’s More Than You Think
• How to Have a Great Day Every Day
• The Positive Effect of Affirming One’s Day
Module 3:
• Rating Your Qualities as a Successful Leader
• Your Favorite Leader and Their Effect They’ve Had on You
• Investor’s Business Daily’s 10 Rules for Successful Leaders
Module 4:
• The Four Personality Types and How To Motivate Them
• The Five Generations We are Serving
• How to Communicate and Motivate Your Staff Effectively & Efficiently
Module 5:
• Manager’s Mistakes vs. Leadership Solutions
• Valuable Leadership Information Regarding Hiring-Firing-Inspiring
• Creating a Clear and Positive Vision & Mission for the Shop(s)
Module 6:
• 12 Rules for Bringing Out The Best In Your People
• The Importance of Communicating Appreciation and It’s Results
• Leading From the Front; Steering From the Rear
Last Session: Create a Personal Commitment to Excellence

Course Introduction Video: