[CLASS] Basic Operation and Buttonology


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Basic Operation and Buttonology

Live Class Remote Connect Training, In Your Shop, Live-On Car!
Choose your Scope, pick your favorite instructor and choose your level of learning.

Duration: 1.5 hours
• Basic Operation and Buttonology of Your Lab Scope,
• Learn how to navigate, set up and utilize your scope
• Basis setup, channels, triggers, sweep speed and cursor use

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Lab Scopes’ Choices:
• Diagnation TiePie Engineering
• PicoScope
• Automotive Test Solutions
• Snap-On Lab Scopes

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Our Instructors:
Gary Smith
Adam Robertson
Scott Shotton
Eric Ziegler
Scot Manna
Mike Nicholson

Note: Once your session is purchased, you will need to contact your instructor (the email address you will find at the bottom of instructor’s page) to schedule your live session’s date and time. (It is YOUR responsibility to set the date and time with your instructor!)